LIVE PREVIEWS: Avicii's 3 Unreleased Tracks

Robbikal Adlim Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Unfortunately I could not find any download links for this as they were all only premiered this month, and I was lucky enough to witness these tracks be played by the beast himself, here are Avicii's 3 new unreleased tracks! All absolute bangers, although my personal favorite would have to be the 1st one. Enjoy!

Props to Planet House Music for the videos

Incorporating proper Avicii melodies and sounds within the track, as well as a typical feel good drop!

ID2 w/ I Need A Miracle 
The anthemic status that this song has is made even better with an unkown Avicii instrumental over it, apologies for the camera not focusing but at least there's a good enough sound! Loving the violins on this one.

This one is Avicii trying to showcase a more electro-ish sound from what you can hear in the track, a little daft punk/french house/disco influence in the breakdown as well, or it may just be the song its mixed in with. Which then turns into a MASSIVE electro house drop.
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