Monday Morning Motivation Special (Avicii x Cazzette x Hardwell x Chuckie)

Robbikal Adlim Monday, June 4, 2012

The epicness begins tonight, where I will be among 16,000 people to witness Avicii's first ever headlining show in the UK, supported by Cazzette, Chuckie and Hardwell. To share my excitement, here are my favorite tracks from each artist.

Spencer & Hill ft. Nadia Ali - Believe It (Cazzete Remix) 
Cazzete love their signature dub house sound, and although this track is still more on the progressive side of things, it's definitely worth a listen, showcasing the immense talent that the duo have.

Hardwell - Cobra (Original Mix) 
Hardwell's progressive electro house sound is amazing in this track, huge synths and huge bass is what he's known for and he definitely delivers on this one, listen to it loud!

Chuckie - Who Is Ready To Jump 
The Dirty Dutch mogul came out with this banger not long ago and it's been on repeat ever since it came out, such a banger!

Avicii - Put Your Piano On
The unreleased track which is meant to be the follow up to levels, with piano synths extremely present and Avicii's signature sound all over the track, it's classic Avicii, can't wait to hear this one live!
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