Classic of the Week: Mark Otten – Mushroom Therapy

Robbikal Adlim Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some tracks simply pass the test of time, still sounding as fresh as they did 10 years ago. Mark Otten’s ‘Mushroom Therapy’ is one of them. As one of the first Armind releases, it hit in at the end of 2003. And its warm, proggy sound and trancy touch still resounds in the hearts of trance fans. That’s exactly why it’s our Classic of the Week!
Premiered by Armin van Buuren in his Essential Mix on Radio 1, ‘Mushroom Therapy’ became an instant hit. And there it was. Mark Otten was being described as ‘one of Holland’s best kept secrets’ and ‘a production genius’, which was confirmed by follow-ups ‘So Serene’ and ‘Tranquillity’. And it turns out that ‘Mushroom Therapy’ had a special part in the launch of the Armada Music record label. Mark:”When Armin once got asked why he started Armada, he explained that ‘Mushroom Therapy’ was the last push he needed. His old record company, at that time, didn’t feel the track at all and Armin thought they were wrong. I felt so blessed!”
They couldn’t be more wrong indeed, cause 10 years to date it’s still one of our favourites! So take a musical trip down memory lane and enjoy ‘Mushroom Therapy’ in the Trance Top 1000 on Spotify!

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