Club Essentials 2013, Vol. 1

Robbikal Adlim Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gear up for another bulky ride past the hottest, biggest and most essential club tunes of 2013! The popular Club Essentials series returns in 2013, with a new selection of booming bass, hypnotizing melody and raw, powerful energy. ‘Club Essentials 2013 Vol.1’ gathers the 40 must-have tunes of the season, hitting peak-time, time and again.
Creating highlight moments to big festivals, wild club parties and having the power to move a crowd of ten-thousands, these 40 essentials will surely let the night and day come alive. With 40 club hits in the mix, these are the tunes of Hardwell, Dannic, Audien, Arty, The Scumfrog, Marco V, Sick Individuals, Miss Nine, 2 Faced Funks, Daleri and many more. From tunes by talents on the rise to anthems by distinguished names, this is the sound of 2013!

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