New Tritonal Album: "Bullet That Saved Me"

Robbikal Adlim Tuesday, February 26, 2013
The lead single from Tritonal's brand new EP, 'Bullet That Saved Me' has everything you could hope for from an electronic dance music cut, remaining both unpredictable and fresh throughout.

The opening build gives the impression of hard and heavy from start to finish, before sliding into a tender and emotional rise towards the track's climax, veiled with a captivating vocal. The entrancing electro melody takes it right up to the drop and then what was once mesmerizing becomes merciless when it hits. Add an enormous juddering breakdown into the mix and 'Bullet That Saved Me' is as complete as necessary.

'Bullet That Saved Me', set for release on Monday 11th March exclusively through Beatport, 2 weeks ahead of the "Metamorphic 1" EP's full release on all other download portals

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