Guest Reviewer of The Week: Marco V

Robbikal Adlim Friday, February 8, 2013
Dutch house & trance master Marco V has been at the top of his game since the rave era infancy and even now in 2013 shows no sign of relenting as he continues to travel the globe and release a steady stream of quality music via his In Charge label. We feel very privileged this week at Trackitdown to have the the man himself take part in our exclusive guest reviewer spot.

1. Thanks very much for taking time out to speak to us! Can you tell the readers where you are in the world today and what you’ve been up to over the last 7 days? 
I've finished my new track “Walhalla” which will get released soon on Flamingo Recordings and also my collab with singer Christian Burns. Over the weekend I played at a great indoor festival in Germany called Winterbeats with Marco Bailey, Sidney Samson, Felix Krocher and many more.

You have just teamed up on a new (and banging) collaboration with Jochen Miller called Bash, are there any further plans to work together or was this just a one off?
We have been in the studio together a few times but the outcome was not to our satisfaction until we made this Bash!! track. There is a good chance we will team up again in the future to do another collab.

When you collaborate with other acts how do you like to work? Are you the ideas man or do you engineer as well? We know that a lot of collaborations happen over the internet these days too. Are you a fan of remote working or do you prefer being in the same studio to bounce ideas around?
It depends in which studio we work, if we are in my studio most of the times I am engineering and vice versa.  I like to be in the same studio to bounce ideas around indeed but Skype is very handy for that as well.

As a veteran of the scene, we know that music production has changed massively over your long and successful career. Can you tell the younger fans reading this what your early experiences of making music were like and whether you think all of the changes in technology have been for the best?
It's much easier and cheaper to produce music nowadays, before we only used the computer as sequencer, the sounds came from hardware synths and drumcomputers (so no free plugins. ;) Music was recorded on a DAT tape that we sent to the record company. All the new soft synths, plug-ins etc etc, is a big help to produce a track now and also helps the creativity a lot. So I would say yes, the changes in technology improved dance music. Also, the overall sound quality of the music is much better now than it was in the earlier days.

Over the last couple of years it seems the big room EDM sound has stripped away a lot of the subtle touches that trance, techno and electro brought to the dancefloor. How do you see this main arena sound evolve through 2013? Do you have any predictions or personal preferences that you hope might emerge?
I have no idea where the music is going, I never even thought it would be as big as it is right now. But for me personally it could be a bit less commercial, I can only hope the music is going to be more underground.

A lot of the people reading this interview on you will be aspiring DJs and producers and would love to know more about the business. Being someone who has been on the circuit since the infancy of the rave era, Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew at the start?
The scene is so much different now than back then so it's hard to compare. One thing is still the same, the most important things are still the way you present yourself, and trying to get tracks released on the right record labels.

From your position at the top of the scene for many years, could you recommend three things that you think make a great professional DJ & producer in 2013?
First one is an open door: Producing Big Tunes! Second after making that big tune or tunes, look at the crowd when you are dj-ing and try to “read” them. Don't play a prepared set.
And third: Management is very important nowadays to get you in the spotlight.

As ‘EDM’ explodes and becomes a global force driven by clever management and marketing, how important is it to have a good team around you to help keep on top of opportunities? Who makes up the Marco V team and what do they do?
There are quite a few people involved, on the bookings side we have AM Only for the USA & Canada, Anna Agency for the Netherlands and Belgium and Jay Pidgeon Management for the rest of the world. Remix request & TAO recordings: Sorted Management. My In Charge record label is taken care of by Dick from Be Yourself Music and Press releated stuff is done by Esther also from Be Yourself Music. And last but not least my mate Benjamin, in the studio 2 days a week as my right hand and the man behind the website and artwork etc.

You’ve always been a globe-trotter, what are your favourite things about being on tour every weekend and what are the things that you don’t like?
I like to be on the road and meet new people, I've been to so many countries, more then I could have ever imagined. Of course most of the time I don't have enough time to spend a few days but I get a good idea of what the city/country is like. What I don't like (but that’s part of the job so not really worth mentioning) flying and waiting on airports.....

Finally, we’ve seen so many new faces emerge over the last year or so. Can you tell us who your one to watch is going to be in 2013 please?  
For me that's David Puentez, Following him for a while already and he is making big progression in his productions.
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