2 weeks left to vote for you ultimate favourite trance classics!

Robbikal Adlim Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The wind of change doesn’t always change our preferences in music. That one song that’s been on your mind can still have the same impact as 10 years ago. That 15 year old melody still knows how to move you. And those sounds, those songs, we call classics. To find out which trance classic move the EDM community most, we’ve opened the voting poll of the 2013 edition of the Trance Top 1000!
You’ve got less than 2 weeks left to share your 10 all-time favourite trance tunes, so we can find out which classics are the most loved. Voting for the Trance Top 1000 ends April 7th, so you better vote NOW!
For inspiration and a tasty trip down memory lane, check out the Trance Top 1000 playlist on Spotify!


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