Protoculture – Trance World, Vol. 18

Robbikal Adlim Friday, April 26, 2013

In the past 5 years, the Trance World series has kept trance lovers up to date on the biggest essentials, as well as putting the spotlights on new talents and renowned names. In 2013, we’ve reached the 18th edition of this beloved series, and it’s time for South-African talent Protoculture to do what he does best: share his vision on today’s trance sound.
When you hear a production that’s original, different, but recognizable at the same time, you know you’re dealing with the studio work of Nate Raubenheimer. The South-African producer/DJ has been part of the scene for more than a decade, producing within a wide range of EDM styles. Despite the fact that there’s no sound he can’t handle, today’s crowd will mostly recognize him by his ingenious progressive trance sound, always navigating around the pigeonholes and fusing sounds. Luckily for all trance fans, Protoculture is next in line to mix the latest edition of Trance World!
On Trance World Vol.18, you’ll discover why Protoculture is one of today’s promises for the future. He brings one big musical journey, passing by the productions of Armin van Buuren, Toby Hedges, Steve Haines, Luke Bond, Thomas Bronzwaer, Tepes, Orjan Nilsen and of course, Protoculture himself! One energetic mix with all of today’s essentials, reflecting on what’s happening in Trance World right now.

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