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Robbikal Adlim Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sied van Riel - Past, Present, Future (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: Beatport - http://goo.gl/O3Sww
Anime Children Sad: http://goo.gl/TEVvr
A great, high energy uplifter by Sied van Riel!

Bart Claessen & Raz Nitzan pres. Who.Is - Only Totally (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/iylTG Beatport -http://goo.gl/DwqiG
Anime Girl Beach: http://goo.gl/NjuXx
I absolutely love the military-style hi-hats and emotional synth!

Toby Hedges - Sukha (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/jZV5C Beatport -http://goo.gl/SlBaJ
Beautiful Blonde Girl Sunset: http://goo.gl/iMJKx
A pretty nice progressive track by Toby Hedges.

Chapter XJ - Fidelity (Uplifting Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/8rq71 Beatport -http://goo.gl/keTve
Brunette Leaf in Hair: http://goo.gl/2CTJo
Such a beautiful and chill track.

Alan Morris - Inner Circle (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: Beatport - http://goo.gl/IX9w8
Woman Walking Along Sunset Beach: http://goo.gl/dkXf1
A stunning, uplifting Balaeric trance track!

Matt Bukovski - Phoenix (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: Beatport - http://goo.gl/P5FXN
Pheonix Wallpaper: http://goo.gl/nf33s
One of my favourites tracks of this mix without a doubt. As soon as that uplifting arp kicks in, I'm instantly in pure euphoria!

Moonsouls - In Your Heart (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/bHYTD Beatport -http://goo.gl/xlhMJ
Girl Holding Heart Reef: http://goo.gl/6Ag7a
Another beautiful track!

Miroslav Vrlik - November (Suncatcher Remix)
Buy the Song: Beatport - http://goo.gl/2PW1U
Winter Road: http://goo.gl/rdUua
A great remix by Suncatcher!

Sy Gardner - Distant Memories (Dave Nadz & LeBlanc Remix)
Buy the Song: Beatport - http://goo.gl/kJBer
Danielle Kn Black Bikini: http://goo.gl/ttbDZ
Such an emotional track! I'm not sure if it's partly the title, but this track brings back so much nostalgia!

Araya & Mark Dreamer - Caldera (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/wW24B Beatport -http://goo.gl/ea7Kg
Caldera (Volcano) Artwork: http://goo.gl/pY2v4
I absolutely love the breakdown with the heavenly bells playing!

NatLife feat. Arunima - Saawariya (New World Remix)
New World Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/oqGtB
Autumn Leaves: http://goo.gl/wGMyX
I absolutely love these Arabic-sounding vocals! So much emotion!

Walsh & McAuley - Someday (Original Mix)
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/AKtwS Beatport -http://goo.gl/EzNA5
Woman Looking At Island: http://goo.gl/0g4hF
Is it possible to listen to this and NOT be filled with joy and contemptment?

Ataraxia - Distance (Outer Space Remix)
Outer Space Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/hTiMk
Frozen Planet Landscape: http://goo.gl/VO8Rc
A massive uplifting anthem. You'll be dancing away to this one!

Darren Porter - Spellbound
Buy the Song: iTunes - http://goo.gl/yhySL Beatport -http://goo.gl/hjNn7
Wizards Wallpaper: http://goo.gl/zeuoV
This song can only be described as EPIC!

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